Got Capital?

Successful investing in startup and early stage ventures is risky and difficult. Trustworthy information is tough to gather. Experienced investors, active senior participants in this space, investment 'clubs', sponsors for companies, news articles and 'bar chats' are some of the sources.

But there is other useful info available and Profiling Systems is releasing its first phase of our new service,, with some of that information.

What's Form D?

Many companies register with the SEC and complete a Form D. An SEC approved Form D means the company has answered a series of questions including information about management, Directors and 'Sponsors' (people and/or companies that assist for a fee in selling the shares.)


Less than 10 minutes after an approved form D is released by the SEC our report on the company and its key players is updated on our site. D-talez immediately gathers info from the Form D for our subscribers use. Our database of reports is easily searchable by person or company name. Get email alerts about a company or person with a single click.

Click here to see how it works.

Yes, please.

Would you like to test drive D-talez? We will pick up to 25 test drivers from the people who complete our questionnaire. We would prefer applicants that have invested in startups and early stage companies. Don't worry. If you have never invested in a startup or an early stage company we will still give you access in a next phase.

To register for the test drive click here.

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